About Us

Established churches have found it difficult to make the conversion to a Cell Church, so Cell Churches are not readily available in the US. In 2003, three Christian couples in our community – of various denominations – learned about cells and wanted to take advantage of what they had to offer. With the help of a nondenominational cell church about 100 miles away, they established a series of interdenominational cells. A few years later, a group of volunteers from these cells established this website, making the materials they had developed available to others at no cost. In 2013, the site was upgraded to improve the ease in finding and printing the materials that are desired and to encourage other volunteers to submit material to be posted on the site – once again all by volunteers.


In many parts of the world Christianity is experiencing rapid growth. People are accepting God’s love and Christ as their Savior at an amazing rate. By all counts, the Cell Church movement has been a major contributor to this growth. Cells, the building blocks of a Cell Church, are small groups that meet together regularly. They provide:

  • Spiritual growth through application of the Scripture to life
  • Love and joy that comes with close Christian Fellowship
  • Mutual support
  • A means of outreach

A major function of the cell is fulfilling the great commission—sharing Christ with others and making disciples—through actively seeking nonbelievers to visit and become a part. Nonbelievers who resist most evangelical approaches may accept an invitation by a friend to attend a meeting of a few Christians in a home—where, by the nature of the cell meeting, Christian love is on display. When the cell grows to about 15 people, it multiplies into two cells. This scenario of personal invitation, sharing of Christian love and multiplication is why cells have been so important in the recent growth of Christianity.

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You can submit material you wish to contribute via email as a file attachment – or, send any comments or questions that you have.