Cell Lessons, Book Based Series

The Purpose Driven Life

PDL-01 Day 1
PDL-02 Days 2- 3
PDL-03 Days 4-6
PDL-04 Days 7-9
PDL-05 Days 10-12
PDL-06 Days 13-14
PDL-07 Days 15-17
PDL-08 Days 18-21
PDL-09 Days 22-23
PDL-10 Days 24-25
PDL-11 Days 26-28
PDL-12 Days 29-30
PDL-13 Days 31-32
PDL-14 Days 33-35
PDL-15 Days 36-37
PDL-16 Days 38-39
PDL-17 Day 40

Series Based on the Bible

MFUMC-04 The Divine Drama – Meet the Characters Begin journey through the Bible
MFUMC-05 The Divine Drama – Dramatic Tension Spotlight on early humanity
MFUMC-06 The Divine drama – The Making of a Great Society From the Tower of Babel to time of Abraham
MFUMC-07 The Divine drama – Chained, Fred, and Set On God’s Way The Exodus
MFUMC-08 The Divine Drama – Judges, Kings and Prophets Spiritual DNA
MFUMC-09 The Divine Drama – Looking for Light in the Darkness Completes the OT part of the series
MFUMC-10 The Divine Drama – The Teachings of Jesus Jesus as a teacher
MFUMC-11 The Divine Drama – A Jesus-Centered Life Forgiveness through Jesus(the Crucifixion)
MFUMC-12 The Divine Drama – Finale – The People of God The Covenant People of God
MFUMC-13 The Best is Yet to Come God is into new things and his people are always on the move
MFUMC-14 Some People Will Beat You Up An Expanded Look at the Good Samaritan

Who Stole My Church?

WSMC-01 Who Stole My Church – Lesson 1 Introduction plus chapters 1-5
WSMC-02 Who Stole My Church – Lesson 2 Chapters 6-10 in the book
WSMC-03 Who Stole My Church – Lesson 3 Chapters 11-15 in the book
WSMC-04 Who Stole My Church – Lesson 4 Chapters 16-21 in the book