Cell Lessons, Help In Daily Living


WF-34 Four Steps To Making Your Home A Place of Transformation To be in Christ.
WF-01 What is Marriage God’s perspective of Marriage
WF-06 Eyes Wide Open Jesus will come if we ask


WF-13 The Downward Spiral of Sin Coping with your sinful nature
WF-21 Deliverance from the Spirit of Fear The ultimate antidote for fear
WF-22 Zacchaeus and the Fear of Man Handling fear from a Christian perspective
WF-24 Boldness God will provide boldness as needed
WF-30 Four Names of Jesus Living as a Christian in Today’s World
WF-31 Making History Together Live to make history with God
WF-32 Simeon, the Man Who Lived To See Jesus Live for God as Simeon did.
WF-35 Stuff’s Getting Better Increase relationship with God.
WF-49 Keys to Anointing Walking in the fullness of Jesus
WF-57 Dealing with the Flies Get rid of anxious thoughts
WF-58 Getting Knocked Out Things that keep us from living for God
WF-60 Kindness Wins Another fruit of the spirit
WF-63 Joy Live with God as your Rock
WF-64 Just Swing the Hammer Obey God in all you do
WF-68 Cleaning out the Closet Overcoming barriers caused by shame
WF-69 Fear Learn to press on through fear
WF-12 Do Not Love the World The cravings of man
REH-04 The Parable of the Talents Make wise investments
REH-05 The Parable of the Unjust Steward or the Shrewd Manager Jesus commends the dishonest steward for being shrewd, not the shrewd steward for his dishonesty


WF-16 Keeping the Harvest Maintaining the Christian bond
WF-33 Believing God for Transformation God can change communities.
WF-42 Icebreaking Church Be committed to God’s purposes
WF-43 Embracing Change Recognize God’s message; embrace the change