Cell Lessons, Relationship With God


WF-19 There is no Retirement in the Kingdom Obeying God even in failure
WF-20 The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit A deeper understanding of the Holy spirit
WF-38 The Welcoming Presence of Jesus Feel His presence in your life.
WF-39 Believing God For Provision Jesus provides for His people
WF-40 More Than a Book Report Further your relationship with God
WF-41 Provoking God’s Pleasure How we can please God
WF-44 Moving Further Into Belief Ways to increase your faith
WF-47 God is for Us It doesn’t matter who’s against us
WF-48 Things Are Still True Today Things especially relevant in today’s times
WF-54 Faithfulness of God Another fruit of the spirit
WF-65 The Mystery of Divine Healing God heals
WF-67 Believing God for Healing Ways that God brings about healing
WF-03 The Will of God Understanding God’s will for you
WF-04 A Dying Girl and a Sick Woman God sees our heart
WF-05 The Cross Breaks the Curse Significance of the crucifixion
WF-07 Baptism The importance of baptism
WF-08 Parables of the Kingdom Understanding Christ’s role for us
WF-09 Breaking the Mold You can be religious and still miss God
WF-10 Return From Exile Feeling cut-off from God
WF-17 The Will of God Doing God’s will in adverse circumstances
REH-08 The Parable of the Vineyard Workers Your rewards in heaven are not proportional to your time on earth
URG-01 The Best is Yet to Come God wants to do a new work in us


WF-11 Nothing Compares Saved by grace
WF-14 The Freedom of God Receiving God’s grace
WF-53 The Fruit of the Spirit Love is the primary fruit
WF-72 Aspects of God's Love Characteristics of God's Love
REH-06 The Parable of the Prodigal Son The point of the story is found in the amazing grace of the father
REH-07 The Parables of the Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin All God’s children are important


WF-66 Worship is the Thread That runs through every ministry on earth

Holy Spririt

WF-18 Praying for the Harvest The role of prayer in evangelism
WF-25 Suffering for Jesus Strength and power do our part for Christ
MFUMC-15 The Work of the Holy Spirit Three main functions of the Holy Spirit


WF-26 Corporate Prayer Understanding the role of corporate prayer
REH-11 Lesson On Prayer 1 CS Lewis on prayer
REH-12 Lesson On Prayer 2 Bill Hybels on prayer


WF-27 Multiplication through Sacrifice Understanding Christian sacrifice
WF-28 Jesus is the King Understanding the nature of his kingship
WF-29 The Resurrection Truly believing in the Resurrection
WF-45 Preparing Yourself for the Day After What to do after an encounter with God
WF-46 Power and Authority Be all you can be
WF-50 Drink the Water Live in Christ
WF-51 The Paradox of the Believer’s Life Test extremes in your Christian life
WF-52 The Supremacy of Christ Experience Jesus in your life
WF-55 Walking in Obedience Together Rewards in synergy for Christ
WF-56 Spiritual Parasites Cast out the demons
WF-59 The day of the Lord Faulty thinking as we near end times
WF-70 The Parable of the Mustard Seed Each of us is a small beginning from which the kingdom grows
MFUMC-01 Keep the Change Keep the changes in your life you made for God
MFUMC-02 The Day to Day Process of Death and Resurrection God’s power brings life out of pain and suffering
WF-02 Show Me Your Glory About being born again