Be Prepared

You can just look around and tell that Christmas is coming, right? I’m so excited! And, I got some great news. Guess what? My brother is coming from Florida. He and his family; they’re coming to visit us. I haven’t seen them in a long time and I am preparing. Here’s what I’m doing: I am cleaning, and I brought some things to show you to prove to you that I am cleaning. I am cleaning my wood floors, so that they will sparkle. I am cleaning my furniture, so it will be clean and nice and no dust. And, I am spraying some good smelling Christmas spray all around my house, so it will smell just like Christmas.

So, I am preparing for my brother. You know, our Bible story today talks about someone else who was preparing; his name was John. John was going throughout the land where the Jordan River is and he was telling people, “You better get ready. You better prepare, because we’re having company.” Now, John wasn’t saying, “Go home and clean your house like Miss Cindy.” He was saying, “Prepare your hearts. Get ready, because Jesus is coming.” So, the things that we can do to prepare for Jesus – because did you know that he’s coming again? Jesus is coming back to this world again.

So, the things that we can do to prepare for Him; is pray every day, read the Bible, be kind and nice to our teachers and the people at school. You know, when you clean your house, you don’t just clean it once a year, right? Don’t just clean it at Christmastime, every day you have to clean a little bit on your house. Same thing with your heart. Every day you have to do things to make your heart clean. And, all we need to do is just ask God for forgiveness, because in the Bible it says, “If you ask Him for forgiveness, He will make your heart as white as snow.”

So, you know what? We’re going to say a prayer, and I want you to repeat that prayer with me. This prayer will truly help you get prepared for Jesus when He comes again. Just in case you didn’t know, it’s called “The Sinner’s Prayer”. And, we’re all sinners and we all need to ask forgiveness for the sins that we do. I’m going to ask you to repeat it, and I’m going to ask everybody – all the adults, all the big people – to repeat it too. Let’s bow our heads.

Dear Jesus…
I repent of my sins.
Come into my heart.