Everyone WorSHIP


Good morning everyone. I hope you’re glad to be in Worship this morning. Are you glad to be in Worship? That’s something that we’re going to talk about this morning, is Worship. I’m going to ask all the moms and dads to help me sing a song because it takes a congregation to raise up children, amen (amen). Will you help me? Just sing the chorus on Come, Now is the Time to Worship.

Thank you. That was beautiful. Didn’t they do a good job? Yes they did. I would like to talk to you about this big word, worship. You know, when I’m trying to figure out ... Well, first of all, does anybody have any idea what worship means? Anybody? What do you think?


Let’s look at the word worship. I like to look at a word and see if there are any little words hiding inside of it. Do you see any little words hiding inside of worship? What do you see?


I see ship.


Yes, the word ship. I was so hoping you would say that. Yes, I see the word ship inside of worship. We’re going to pretend today that we’re all ships. Close your eyes for a minute and imagine your ship sailing on the ocean. Do you see your ship? Okay. Open your eyes. I imagined that everybody’s ship in here was a different color, a different size, it had a different purpose. That’s the way that we are in the church.

We all have a different purpose in the church. Some of us have a big purpose and we might be a big old cruise ship like our pastor.


Our pastor has a very big purpose in the church. Some of us might be a smaller ship. Maybe we have a job like we’re a Sunday School teacher, but we all have a different purpose. I want you to think about two things that a ship needs to move. One thing, it’s got to have gas in its tank. Do you agree? A ship has to have gas. Another thing a ship needs to have, it needs to have somebody to drive it, a pilot.

If we in the church imagined ourselves as a ship, we know that we have to have fuel in our tank and we have to have somebody to drive our ship. Then, I took the word worship and I took the letter W from worship and let’s make it be the word we. Then, the next word in worship, what’s the next letter? O, and we’re going to have that stand for offer. We offer ... Then, there’s the letter “r” for our. And after that, there is the word “ship”.

When you come to church, just imagine when we’re worshiping, you are a little ship and you’ve come to give to God everything that you can. We need to also imagine God gives us the fuel to carry on for the next week to go to school, or to go to work, or to go to wherever we’re going. God fills us up when we come to church and we get our fuel from him.

If you’ll just imagine when you come to church next time, and you hear somebody say, “Come now is the time to worship,” just think about that word worship and you’re a ship. If you don’t have God filling up your tank and if you don’t have Jesus as your pilot, you’re just going to sink or you’re just going to float aimlessly along.

Let’s have a word of prayer. Dear Jesus thank you for filling up our ship. May we be able to worship you today. Amen.