Peace Out


Have a peace sign drawn on a poster board. Go to to see how to sign the word “peace”.


Good morning boys and girls.

I want to know if you know what this sign stands for (Show the prepared poster of a peace sign).. Does anybody know what that sign stands for?




It stands for peace. I want to show you another way to say peace. This is in another language. This is shalom. You say it. Shalom. Very good. If you’re telling somebody goodbye that you love, you give them a hug and you kiss them and then you say goodbye and you say shalom. That’s giving them the blessing of peace.


What is peace? What do you think peace is? Anybody want to guess or give me a definition of peace? (Let children respond).

Female child

Like peace out?


When you peace out. Okay, that’s right. What does that mean, though, when you peace out? You’re relaxing and you feel just calm, right? Peace is a calmness. So far, we’ve seen two ways to say peace. One is the peace sign and one is shalom. Then, I want to teach you how to say in sign language. It’s got three parts so watch carefully.

Take your hands to the side. Then, you take your hands, just turn them over to that side. Then, you just go like that. It’s side, side, release. Now, can you all stand up and show everybody in the congregation what I was showing you? Because they might not could see it. Do your peace sign in American Sign Language. Ready? Put your hands together, and then to this side, and then release. Very good. Good job.

Okay, now you can sit down. I want to tell you what the Bible says about peace. It says, “Don’t be anxious about things. Instead, pray. Pray about everything. He longs to hear your request so talk to God about your need and be thankful for what He has done and know that the peace of God, the peace beyond all of our understanding will stand watch over your hearts and minds in Jesus, the liberating King.”

What that’s saying is that when you feel nervous about something, maybe something is coming up and you’re scared, kind of like Vacation Bible School, I’m really nervous about it and I’m scared about it and I’m just wondering have we done everything that we’re supposed to do? Are the kids going to have fun? I’m worried about that but remember that sign for peace, American Sign Language, when we were over here, this is me right now, kind of worrying and stressing about everything about Bible School. This is me but when I turn my hands this way, up in prayer, and I say, “God, you know what we need. You know what the kids need. It’s not up to me. It’s up to you, Lord. Please help us.” Then, remember that part of the sign? When everything just rushes out and you feel that peace come over you. First you worry. If you’re worrying, what do you do? You pray and then what happens? Peace just washes over you.

Let’s have a word of prayer. Dear Jesus (Dear Jesus), help us not to worry (help us not to worry).