Sticks and Stones


Have an adult come and share about some unpleasant experiences they had when they were little.


I want to know, has anybody ever said anything to you, that’s hurt your feelings. Maybe called you a name, or said something ugly to you.

Call on Children to answer.

There’s this saying: “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” , Children, did that hurt you when those kids said that? That’s really kind of not true, is it? Sometimes, when a kid says something to us and it’s not nice, we remember it. Even when we’re adults. I’m going to ask Ms. Pat to come and share with you that happened to her, when she was little. Ms. Pat?


When I was in school, I got tortured. I got beat by a girl. That really crushed me.


We didn’t want that to happen, did we? But you see how it can stick with you and stay with you forever. So, you’re not supposed to do that, are you? Let’s see what the Bible says. Let’s see if it says in here, that you’re supposed to tell someone they smell like a dumpster. No, it says, “So, encourage one another. Keep building each other up.” So, if you’re building one another up, that means your saying nice, good things to each other. Do you think that you, as a child, can encourage others?

What do you think? You think you can. Well, I got to tell you, when I was a school teacher, that maybe I’d had a bad day. Maybe the principal had fussed at me about not following the rules about certain things, which I’m notorious at doing. Or maybe a parent had come in and was upset with me; and started my day off in a bad way. I would try to straighten up and act joyful and cheerful for the kids’ sake, but guess what, they always knew. They always knew when I wasn’t feeling good.

Do you know what they would do? They would come up to me, and they would hug me. They would say, “I love you, Ms. Lamb.” Or they would write me a note or a picture. They would say, “You’re the best teacher.” That would make my day so much better. I would like this week for you to try to encourage someone. Go to someone this week and tell them that you love them; or they’re doing a good job at something; or that you admire them for a certain reason. Let’s build each other up like the Bible says; let’s don’t tear each other down. It can stick with you for a mighty long time, when that happens.

Let’s have a word of prayer. Dear Heavenly Father,- Help us to encourage one another Amen.