Recently we have had the occasion to hear some sermons by Rev. Randy Brown and found them to be well-suited for those who are involved in cell groups. They are primarily about applying Scripture to your life and the conversational tone is reminiscent of a cell group meeting. It’s like a discussion with the congregation resulting in frequent meaningful insights. We were so impressed that we invited, and he consented, to provide some of his sermons for our site. Thus, we have added this new category to our improved website.

We invite others to submit similarly appropriate sermons that have proven to be effective. If you are interested, click here for instructions.

Title Listen
I Quit
Godly Advice for Daily Living
The Gift Of Encouragement
A Lesson From Zephaniah
Witness-The Final Piece of the Puzzle
Teach Us To Pray
Deborah, How God Can Use the UNEXPECTED!
Helping Others to Greatness
Nehemiah, the Builder
David, Wild But True
You Can Made a Difference
Jacqui and RJ Pierce
Krispy Kreme, Motel 6 and the Church
The Church
She Meant Well
When It Comes to Forgiveness-BE FIRST!
Three Things To Teach Your Children
Jesus, How Much Further?
Jesus Went a Little Further
A Battle During a Parade
A Battle In a Garden
A Forty Day Battle
Know Your Opponent
David’s Battle
Hot Stoves and Other Things We Should Not Touch
Come and See
The Cup and the Bread Are Infectious
Children of God
Remember Jesus
The Stone was Rolled Away
Rocks and Stones Will Cry Out
Do No Harm
Jesus Brings Cheer
Stay In Love With God
Your Daddy Must Be CRAZY
The Great Invitation
The Great Commandment
The Great Companion
The Great Commission
Living Stones
First Stone
Five Smooth Stones
His Name Is
Benefit of Being In Christ, Part 2
Benefit of Being In Christ, Part 1
The Will of God, Part 3
The Will of God, Part 2
A Future With Hope
The Will of God, Part 1
Some People Will
The Best Is Yet to Come
Peter Kept Knocking
Excuses, Excuses, Excuses