Spiritual Insights

Mike Giffin, an outstanding Christian layman, who is a leader in his Church’s Christian outreach program, recently began posting spiritual insights on the church website. They are quick-read messages that provide clear insights into God’s love for us and what that means in our lives. Mike’s blog was the inspiration for adding this feature to this website. Recently, others - Roy Hendrix and Marlin Hoover to begin with - have written and have posted Spiritual Insight articles on this website. We hope to have many others submit articles for such publication. You may find many of these spiritual insights you want to share with Christian friends. But, more importantly, you may find some that could help nonbelievers understand God’s love for them, and the value thereof, in their lives.

Please share these spiritual insights with friends as you feel led and consider sharing some of your own on this website. To do so, click here.

The Anointings of Jesus
A Spiritual Person
Spiritual Tattoos
Standing on the Rock
Spiritual Weapons
Reflecting on Easter
But He Had to Die for Mine
Pennies From Heaven/Making Change for God
Measuring Stick
Together Again
The King's Speech - Gate of the Year
Christmas From The Heart
A Change in Perception - Courtesy of God
An Inconvenient Faith
A Would-Be Disciple Talking in His Sleep...zzzzzz
A Reality Check
The Best Is Yet To Come
Whither Thy Goest
Looking for Love in All the Wrong Churches