Pennies from Heaven/Making Change for God

by Marlin Hoover

There is dollar bill guy. Comfortable, quiet, highly respected, noticed wherever he goes. Wrapped up in himself and folds easily, requires his own special holder, a bill fold, made of fine leather. Sometimes hard to catch, always blowing around. He's a highly desired guy to be seen at church he's so'oo well loved. Worthless for making change in himself or others. He's the you-can-keep-the-change guy.

Then dollar coin guy. Flashy, makes some noise, still highly respected and admired, almost never seen out at church. He's gold or at least tries to look good as gold, how could you resist him? Again no chance in making any change.

Then half dollar guy. Big, flashy, noisy, only seen at church on special occasions — usually Easter and Christmas. Can't miss this one. Is capable of making change but pretty much never does.

Quarter people, medium sized, flashy, respected. Makes some noise. Seen regularly at Church and Sunday school. They put money in the collection plate and help when asked; or have to. Useful. It's mostly about personal satisfaction with these people. To them church is like vending machines, when they go in they expect something they want to come out. Usually included in the change making process. You never know if you're gonna get heads or tails with these people though.

Then nickel and dime people. Used a lot more, still a little flashy and respected. Enjoy being spotted and recognized. Spend a lot of time at church, participate in almost everything. Volunteer when they see a need. Give their money, Pray and are almost always there when change is made.

Then there's the penny person. The one who gets no respect. He's stepped over, stepped on, not flashy, usually bent, tarnished and scratched. Not pretty to look at. Almost never picked up. No telling where he's been. I'll leave him for somebody that is really in need of some change. He is always at Church, works in the community and everywhere there is a need. Totally devoted to the work of God thru their prayers, presence, gifts, service, witness and love. Always needed and there to make proper change.

Which are we?

God is a coin collector. If you're a dollar bill, if you've stayed wrapped up in yourself and never accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you've let the devil keep the change. There is no slot for you in God's coin book of life.

One day we are going to be taken out of circulation. Unlike those of us who collect the pristine, uncirculated, flashy rare coins, God collects — and is most proud of — the rough looking worn out pennies. We should all strive to be worn out, used up pennies. The ones having done God's work here on earth and thru his grace, pennies from heaven. The ones he is most proud of.

Things don't get better by chance, they get better by change. It's the changes we make that will lead us to thriving as individuals and as a congregation.