Spiritual Weapons

by Marlin Hoover

How many of us here are "Concealed Carry Permit Holders"? I know there are a lot of us here who have weapons. Actually I know that everyone of us here today has a weapon. I'm not talking about guns here.

Each of us has received grace-gifts from God, weapons. And “as each has received a gift,” we are to “use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace” (1 Peter 4: 10). God has armed us with our particular gift/weapon, and deployed us in this world for his purposes. There is no way we can fully appreciate our significance in His plans.

We sometimes think our lives purpose is simply to pursue our dreams. We tend to keep our weapons:

Tucked behind our waist band of WORRY.

Strapped in our holster of HATRED.

Stashed in our purse or pocket of PRIDE.

Some of us keep our weapons locked behind the doors of our own personal desires, never carrying them out into the world at all.

And the truth is, we do this thinking it will make us feel happy and safe. But God knows better. He knows exactly what we've been armed with and how we can lock and load and then live the life we’ve been given to the fullest, serving His purpose. If we follow him by faith, He will lead us down the most purpose filled paths — even when those paths lead through suffering and death.

God has never issued a "Concealed Carry Permit", EVER. Pull your weapon out. Lock and Load. Wave it around for all to see. We need to squeeze off a few rounds, sharpen our aim and hit the bullseye of the purpose God has for our life.

There is no higher calling for you than to be you, and God will reward you beyond your wildest dreams if you faithfully wield the weapon God has given you for the spiritual benefit of others.