Sunday School Lessons

We have recently begun adapting our cell lessons for use in the Sunday school setting. The basic differences between Sunday school lessons and cell lessons are:

Sunday School LessonsCell Lessons
Primary emphasis:Understanding ScriptureApplying Scripture
Leader’s function:TeachingFacilitating
Understanding developed primarily by:InstructionSharing
Typical group size:10 – 40 sometimes larger5 – 15 limited then multiply

Our Sunday school lessons – some adapted from the companion cell lessons and others from the International Series:

  • Are for use in Sunday school classes of 5 to 40 attendees
  • Maintain the cell concept of applying Scripture to our lives through sharing led by a facilitator

We invite others to submit Sunday School Lessons – adapted from either Cell Lessons or International Series Lessons - that have proven to be effective. If you are interested, click here for instructions.