You are invited to join us by contributing materials suitable for the mission of this website. (No monetary donations are accepted). We believe there is an abundance of materials on understanding Scriptures and far less on applying the Scriptures. As a result, we tend to study more than we apply. The focus of this website is Christian outreach and thus on applying the Scriptures. You are invited to contribute materials that would be helpful in doing so. If you would like to join our team in this endeavor please follow these instructions:

You may then submit the materials that you wish to contribute via email itself, or you may compose them in your word processor and attach them as files.

You may submit materials for any category and subcategory (if there are any) – for example; Cell lessons – Help in Daily Living and you should so indicate in your document’s header – along with your name. If you prefer, you may remain anonymous. Use the basic format used in existing documents in that category – reasonable deviations are acceptable.

  • For Cell lessons; only the Word session is required – Icebreaker, Worship and Witness/Works sessions are optional.
  • We respect the beliefs of all Christian denominations, and nondenominational Christians, so we ask that you not submit materials that are denominationally oriented.
  • Do not plagiarize. If you want to use information from a copyrighted source, reference it and put it in quotes.
  • Don’t use anyone’s name without first obtaining their permission – unless it’s a readily available quote from them.
  • Our review team will review all submissions and either; approve and post, reject and return, or make suggestions and return them for your approval. You may then accept or revise and resubmit.
  • For inventory management, after some time materials may be deleted based on usage rate.