About Witness

The greatest good work a Christian can do is to help someone get into right relationship with God. In Jesus’s final instructions to the apostles, he emphasized witnessing – meeting spiritual needs. Many Christians feel more confident in meeting the physical needs of others than their spiritual needs. In today’s world, many will find it more comfortable to approach their friends through social media, rather than personally. If you are interested in this approach, click here.

Cells offer a powerful base for relational evangelism. They provide:

  • Prayer time each week to seek God’s guidance and help
  • Motivation for the members to build relationships, paving the way to a personal witness and an invitation to the cell meeting
  • A non-obligatory venue where Christ’s love can be seen in action.

The witness materials are based on the cell experience and provide understanding and specific examples that will, hopefully, be helpful in this regard. Click on the descriptions below and select a topic, and print and/or share those that you find helpful.