Letter To Wendy Page 1

Dearest Wendy,

You asked me to write about the historical evidence that Jesus actually existed. Jesus the man is one thing and Jesus the son of God who came into this world fully human as a baby and grew to be a man is quite another. I am attempting to write to you about the historicity of Jesus, the only begotten son of God who pre-existed before anything was made and was necessary for everything that was made (John 1:1–5). In my attempt to address this question one point to consider has led to another and then another, etc. I believe that I have finally reached a reasonable completion of what you have asked me to do, but it has opened the door to what has nagged me for a long time – writing something that would pass for a book that addresses many issues that I have pondered for the past 41 years since I decided to let the Lord have all of me. It is so book-like that I decided to organize it into chapters and added some topics in an addendum.

Much love, as always,

Addendum topics